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Map of Masai Mara
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Kenya Borders Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan, Uganda, Tanzania and the Indian Ocean. There is a map of Kenya.
Masai Mara Within Kenya and borders the Serengeti Plains of Tanzania. There is a map of The Masai Mara.
Tanzania Borders Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Zaire, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique and the Indian Ocean. 

Keekorok Lodge The oldest lodge in the Masai Mara Reserve but modern and comfortable, with its own small "lake".
Mara Serena Lodge  Layed out rather like a Masai village, and offers a great view from its elevated position.
Mara Sopa Lodge  Positioned just outside the Masai Mara Reserve by the Ololaimutiek Gate.

Camps and Campsites
Fig Tree Camp Located by the Talek River just outside the Masai Mara Reserve, offering both tents and cabins. (Owned by Mada Hotels which also operate Adventures Aloft balloon safaris flying from Fig Tree Camp and Siana Springs)
Governors' Camp A luxurious camp by the Mara River in an area of the Masai Mara Reserve where you can find much wildlife (however the surroundings can become very marshy during the rains). There is also the nearby "Little Governors' Camp" and an annual "Governors' Paradise Camp".
Mara Intrepids Club An upmarket camp perched near the Talek River.
Kichwa Tembo Camp Found on the north-west border of the Masai Mara Reserve.
Mara Buffalo Camp Sited north-west out of the Masai Mara Reserve.
Siana Springs Based roughly 15km north-east of the Sekenani Gate. (Was Mara Cottar's Camp)
Mara River Camp  Located by the Mara River, a few kilometres north from the Masai Mara Reserve.
Mara Sarova Camp Established close inside the Sekenani Gate.

Hills, Plains and Ridges
Burrangat Plain  Just south of the Talek River.
Central Plains North-east of where the Mara River flows into Tanzania. 
Eluai Plain Towards the middle of the Mara Triangle.
Meta Plains  South-east of the Burungat Plain.
Ngama Hills In the eastern section just below the Sekenani Gate. 
Paradise Plain In the curve formed by the upper part of the Mara River. 
Posee Plains  South of the Talek Gate.
Rhino Ridge  Runs north-west to south-east midway between the Oloololo Gate and the Talek Gate.

Oloololo On the northern-most border.
Musiara On the upper north-eastern border. 
Talek Towards the middle of the north-eastern border. 
Sekenani  On the lower north-eastern border.
Ololaimutiek On the eastern-most border. 
Sand River Towards the southern end of the south-western border.

Esoit Oloololo Escarpment  Runs down the north-western border (is sometimes called the Siria Escarpment).
Hippo Pools There are a number of "Hippo Pools" including one by the New Mara Bridge near the border with Tanzania.
Mara Triangle The area outlined by the Esoit Oloololo (Siria) Escarpment, the Mara River and the Tanzanian border.
Olypunyata Swamp Towards the north-west of the Masai Mara Reserve, loosely bounded by the Mara River and the large curve formed by the roadway to the Oloololo Gate.
Salt Lick There is a large salt-lick towards the south-western border of the Mara Triangle.

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